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Question 1 : - Why is TAXWAY located in Ajmer?

The head office is located in Ajmer as the founder of TAXWAY Group, Mr. Niranjan Kumar Mahawar si from Ajmer. That being said, Taxway Corporate offices and Brances are located across the country. Secondly, Ajmer has always played to major roll in shaping history. It was in Ajmer that jhangir granted permission to the east India company to dor there business in India. Now also among all the cities Ajmer was chosen to be a smart city by USA. So Ajmer always played a major roll and now is also famous for TAXWAY HQ.

Question 2 : - Are there any drawbacks of being stationed in Ajmer?

Not at all, On the other hand it has provided Taxway an opportunity to be more cost effective and productive by being able to create and manage a very skilled and knowledge team of experts. Secondly, Taxway has a very advanced and developed digitized system which makes it highly approachable and available across India.

Question 3 : - Is the company capable enough to compete on National Level?

Yes!! The advanced Digital / Online process developed by Taxway makes it efficient enough to access and provide support to its customer and Branches across the various spectrum of the society throughout India.

Question 4 : - How will TAXWAY manage the linguistic challenge that India offers ?

Taxway acknowledges the linguistic diversity of India and it has Professionals from the top Management to the grass root levels who are skilled enough to manage this wonderful distinction of India.

Question 5 : - Is Taxway only working in the Taxation industry?

No Taxway Group has more than 20 Ventures from the various industries which make it a very diversified group catering to all the important needs like Investments, Education, Grooming, Child Care etc. of all the segments of the society.

Question 6 : - How can someone become associated with TAXWAY?

A person get associated with Taxway through various channels. They can be:

  • Full time Association
  • Part time Association
  • Contractual Association
  • Commission based Association

Question 7 : - What are the benefits of taking TAXWAY branch/ Agency?

Through Taxway Branch/ Agency one start a strong a permanent business and because of the high demand of consultancy and income tax requirements, one can create a secure source of income. In short Benefits can be described as:

  • More earning
  • No competition in the market
  • Unending demand in the market
  • Professional, clean & Stable image
  • Automatic renewal every year

Question 8 : - Whether the registration once done valid for lifetime?

Yes. Once a person becomes a part of the Taxway Group and performs/ follows all the company rules, regulations and guidelines , he/she becomes part of the Organization.

Question 9 : - Branch renewal fess taken other than registration fess?

No! Once a person becomes a part of the Taxway Group performs/ follows all the company rules, regulations and guidelines, he/she becomes a permanent part of the organization.

Question 10 : - Why the Branch registration fee is non-refundable?

The nominal fees taken by Taxway is taken on account of the product Training, Sales Training (Including the logistics and food facilities ) , Software, stationary and the initial launch process which a branch avails.

Question 11 : - What is the company's Growth plan?

Company aims to have more than 10,000 strong support centers across the Country by year 2020.

Question 12 : - How to get information of so many services products?

All the details of all the service products offered by Taxway Group is available on its portal and its website. Information of the changes / additions in the services of guidelines is also communicated to its customers and Branches through daily updates and messages.

Question 13 : - What is the benefits TAXWAY TIMES newspaper?

Association with the Income tax, Goods and Service tax and sales tax departments empowers Taxway to get th latest and updated information related to tax. Through taxway times it keep its readers updated in a very simplified language, an information which normally can be complex and difficult to understand a common persons.

Question 14 : - Is Taxway capable to handle the accounts of big businessman and companies?

Yes, Over the years Taxway has evolved into a very systematic , digitized and capable organization with a professional of dedicated enthusiasts which can give specialized support to an individual or any organization of any size across the country.

Question 15 : - How can a person avail the benefits TAXWAY has to offer?

Taxway offers the flexibility of availability to its customers through its cover 1800 branches across the country. All these branches are capable enough to provide supports to the customers on all the products of the group.

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